Open Church Project



In 2016 we began opening St Peter's on a daily basis, so that people can come in to pray, meditate, admire the architecture or just enjoy some peace.

We believe that our churches should be open and that by doing so we demonstrate symbolically that God's love and welcome is for all people.

The Bishop of St Alban's has sent us this message of encouragement;


An open church building is a powerful signal that we welcome all people.

Many of our churches, and St Peter’s is no exception, have been a central part of our communities for hundreds of years and they are rich repositories of history and memory. For visitors from near and far, the opportunity to explore the building and to learn about the present and past communities who have worshipped in them is a valuable one.

Unlocked churches are also an invitation to the curious and the seeker, to spend time in the quiet and reflect on our lives.

I commend this initiative and pray for those who are leading it.

+Alan St Albans



You are very welcome to come into St Peter's for a time of prayer, reflection or just to get some peace and quiet.




The Nave and 14th century Font


 The Lady Chapel and St Luke Window



One of the many beautiful Corbels